Duracrop Design

Early Planning

We begin your next year plans 9 months prior to planting. We have found that by doing so, it adds $30-$60 an acre to your bottom line.

Early Cropping Plans

We begin by looking at your fields, soil types, and soil tests to determine which variety would have the highest yield potential.

Planting Instructions

We can add instructions to every bulk box or pallet with the seed variety, field name, and plant population to help eliminate confusion and this ties back to your cropping plan.

Cropping Plan Survey

By completing our survey, you can start making planting decisions far into the future, keep all your information at your finger tips, and put your time and money into the most profitable areas of your farm. Call today for more information!

Duracrop Difference

Where do you want your yields to be in the next 3 to 5 years? The DuraCrop difference is an ultimate bushels program that takes into account 5 key elements to unlock your crops full potential.

This program helps you take more control of your yields, despite what happens during the year. Our goal is to help you overcome the two biggest worries you have: input costs and market prices.

Our top priority is to make sure we have the highest quality in the field, so superior quality goes into the bag.

Interested in these 5 key elements? Contact us today!

Duracrop Delivers

DuraCrop is known for its accurate, on-time service and seed delivery. This is one more advantage of partnering with us.

We are there when you plant! We do a 10 minute survey before you start planting and set up a time to begin next year’s cropping plan.

During the season, we help you scout fields to help with any insect, weed or disease problems.

Your 10 Steps to Success

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  • Complete your cropping plan survey

  • Set a date to visit our plant and meet our people

  • Set a date after our plant visit to look at our target fields

  • Complete the cropping plan after the field visit

  • Finalize variety-by-field by plan

  • Survey your warehouse

  • Deliver your seed

  • Be there when you plant

  • Be with you throughout the season

  • Ride your harvester in the fall

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    1. Complete cropping plan survey

    2. Set a date to visit our plant and meet our people.

    3. Set a date after plant visit to look at your target fields.

    4. Complete cropping plan after the field visit.

    5. Finalize variety-by-field by plan.

    6. Survey your warehouse.

    7. Deliver your seed

    8. Be there when you plant

    9. Be there throughout the season

    10. Ride your harvester in the fall