DuraCrop Alfalfa

DuraCrop is proud to offer several varieties of alfalfa and other grasses to supply your alfalfa/grass needs.

Magnum Alfalfa

Magnum is the pinnacle of alfalfa development. Outstanding yield, forage quality, winter hardiness, pest resistance, quick recovery and dark green color. Magnum will maintain high yield potential through the 5th year of production. A multi-leaf expression of 92% adds to optimum relative feed value. Unbeatable disease and pest resistance.

Winter Hardiness: High

Grow-back: Rapid

Leaf-to-Stem Ratio: Excellent+

Fall Dormancy: 3.8

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Endurance Alfalfa

Endurance is a proprietary variety of DuraCrop Elite alfalfa. Its unique resistance to aphanomyces makes it a must for farmers in eastern Iowa. 5–7 leaf expressions boost feed quality well beyond more typical trifoliates.

Winter Hardiness: Excellent

Grow-back: Rapid

Leaf-to-Stem Ratio: Excellent+

Fall Dormancy: 3

Disease & Pest Resistance

Magnum Endurance
Bacterial Wilt  HR HR
Phytophthora HR HR
Fusarium Wilt HR HR
Verticil. Wilt R HR
Anthracnose HR HR
Aphanoymyces R R
Pea Aphid HR R
Spotted Aphid R HR
Stem Nematode MR MR
Leaf Hopper HR R

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Selected for flavor, not size. Our sweet corn varieties are the cream of the crop. Roadside customers will not come back if your corn tastes like wood. Plant our varieties, and they start calling in June.

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